1. When me and my best friend get home after a night out



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    Lauryn Hill is back in the studio working on new music



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    My next single.. “BARE IT ALL”… We’re moving!! Produced by @midimafia & @Iamdelavega

    The good, the bad, the truth. BARE IT ALL!

  4. Jay-Z, The Curator


    I am not a psychic. I do not hold the knowledge of the future or the visions of the past before my time, at least not at this point in my development.

    Despite, my shortcomings one thing has become clear to me, in his former life.Jay-Z was a great collector and guardian of precious coveted artifacts. Perhaps he was a master thief, a cat burglar who slipped through windows of unsuspecting aristocrats, stealing away their prized family heirlooms and championed pieces won in duels. His past lives do not reek with the stench of poverty, rather drenched in the cloud of sweet oil perfumed feet whose bare skin new the soft touch of rose petals recently crushed by the feet of royalty that walked before him.

    No more second hand roses for Jay-Z, though. Mr. Carter is now king in this life. Anyone who doubts his royal status need only look to his right at his queen (the most prized piece in his collection, and deservedly so.) But this is not his first life in royal company, and his keen collective eye is proof enough for me.

    Earlier today it was announced that Skylar Diggins the third overall 2013 draft pick for the WNBA, and arguably the draft pick with the most earning potential due to her beauty that has already been coveted by a number of top rappers, would be joining the Roc Nation sports agency. Most would see this was inevitable, even I had expressed that once Jay-Z had announced the forming of his sports agency with CAA, that Diggins would be a perfect fit. She is essentially the ideal woman described in most hip-hop songs. She is Sanaa Lathan in ‘Love and Basketball,’ effortlessly beautiful, virtuous, and her love for the sport coupled with the fact that she can take you to the hole every time is the perfect combination.  Jay-Z had to have her. She is the best and only the best gets a coveted spot in his gallery.

    Some might argue that Jay-Z’s gallery is filled with some ‘questionable’ pieces. The talent is not in question as much as their value to the mainstream world, reflected in lack luster album sales or in the case of longtime signee, Bridget Kelly, whose work, despite an under performing EP, has remained in the vaults. What most people forget is that every collection has to start somewhere. Ms. Kelly was one of the first to be signed on the Roc Nation label, and as any smart curator knows the longer you hold a piece, the more its value appreciates, and at the least, you hold on to something so no one else can have it.

    Yet, these pieces Jay-Z collects are not inanimate objects sitting collecting dust. They are living, breathing, feeling beings. These pieces are receptive to the cries and cheers of the world beyond the glass casing.

    So, what is the curator to do when outside influences inflate a sense of self and threatens to break through the glass? He walks over to the next piece.

    It’s not these other artists don’t have value, they have great value, and in this world of entertainment you are only as good as your last hit (which now can be extended to the sports world.) Mr. Carter not only has the keys to the gallery, he has the key to the kingdom and has no problem using his power of influence to make the next big thing.

    The surprisingly quick rise to front of house made by British sensation Rita Ora is an example of this. Ms. Ora had been on the shelf, so to speak, for four years without a peep. Then simultaneously, while Rihanna publicly rekindled a relationship with her former abuser, Jay-Z was seen headed to Z-100 with Rita to promote a single that would not even be released in the states, a promotional blitz that no doubt contributed to Ora’s sensational splash across the pond.

    I don’t believe it’s easy for Sean Carter to hold onto the things he cares about the most, not only because everyone else wants them, but because there is always danger in holding onto what is not yours.

    Kanye West might be the greatest example of this.

    I find so much enjoyment in bearing witness to the public dance between Jay-Z and Kanye.

    Kanye is one of the greatest creative minds of our time. I recently heard him likened to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, and oddly I didn’t even make a flinch, because if not he, then who? He is wild with thoughts that cannot be contained. I imagine his brain an explosive ball of energy that shoots fire through his eyes and onto the page. Kanye is like a werewolf drowning in the full moon’s light. His thoughts cannot be controlled and at point of fruition consume him entirely so that there is only the manifestation of what was brewing in his belly.

    How can you control that? You can’t, right?

    Kanye’s many public outbursts would suggest this, but then the 2012 BET awards happened. Watch the Throne was one of the biggest albums of the year, followed with an amazing tour I was lucky enough to see. Despite the number of nominations received by Jay-Z and Kanye for their collaborative efforts, Jay-Z was nowhere to be found on the stage or in the audience. Only waiting ‘til the very last minute to enter the stage during what was supposed to be a joint performance. Jay-Z further pronounced his position as King of the castle and ruler of all, while graciously apologizing to Kanye for being late, only to ridicule him later by mimicking Kanye’s famous interruption of porcelain teen queen, Taylor Swift. The crowd or royal subjects roared with laughter and a boyish Kanye laughed along, ‘I was defending your girl, man!’ and ‘I thought you weren’t going to show up.’

    Kanye’s innocence and Jay-Z’s manipulation of that innocence showed me that no matter how wild the antics of West, Jay has his number, and that number is a first class seat in the house of his imperial gallery.

    Yes, Jay-Z is king, but it is his collection that makes him powerful, the pieces to his kingdom that only he reins. In a time where music sales have slumped and artist struggle to find other ways to make money, including ill thought out labels with artists begetting artists. Mr. Carter stands at the point of a pyramid whose base spans across the globe and contains some of the worlds greatest treasures, both known and yet to be discovered.


    -Angelique Cinelu




  5. #THIS put the Let’s Jam down!

    #THIS put the Let’s Jam down!

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    I am Conny. Conny is me .

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    A magazine once known for glorifying unrealistic beauty expectations is taking the lead to promote a healthier body image.

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